React Native or Flutter Still Confused ?

React Native or Flutter Still Confused ?

React Native or Flutter so confusing, This article give a better overview to Select technology for you.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework that uses JavaScript.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a portable UI toolkit. In other words, it’s a comprehensive app Software Development Kit (SDK), complete with widgets and tools.

What’s Flutter for?

Flutter enables cross-platform app development.

It gives developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, natively-compiled applications for mobile (iOS, Android), web, and desktop – all using a single codebase.

What is React Native for?

React Native is an effective framework for:

  • Cross-platform development
  • Building mobile apps using JavaScript language
  • Developing applications for both Android and iOS using a single codebase
  • Using the same design as React

Who created Flutter?

A team at Google built Flutter.

But as an open-source project, both Google and the Flutter community contribute to its development.

Who created React Native?

Facebook created React Native.

React Native or Flutter Stats
React Native and Flutter Stats

Popular Apps using Flutter:

Popular Apps using React Native:

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Is React Native better than Flutter?

Flutter, the last one is better in terms of performance, compatibility & app features, engineering cost, and further market trends. However, React Native is distinctively better when it comes to finding software developers. The availability of skilled engineers directly influences the time to market.

React Native or Flutter Still Confused ?

Should I learn Flutter or React Native in 2020?

In comparison with React Native, Flutter loses points to the familiarity of JavaScript, since Flutter uses Dart—a programming language that is rarely utilized by developers. Therefore, if you already have a team of experienced JS developers, React Native might be a better choice

Which is easier React Native or Flutter?

As a Web Developer, It was harder to learn than React Native. Mainly because React Native uses JavaScript (which is a familiar language for web developers) whereas Web Developers are new to Dart – the language used by Flutter. So, if you are new to Dart and trying to learn, it will take more time than learning React Native.

Is React Native dying?

Let it be clear that this development tool is not dead; even in 2021. However, there may be other rivals, such as Flutter and Kotlin, who are attempting to take their position, however, It is capable of generating excellent applications, and Facebook is working hard to ensure that it does not become obsolete.

Is Dart easier than Javascript?

Dart is approximately two times faster than JavaScript. Dart is type-safe and compiled with both AOT and JIT compilers. Dart is very similar to Javascript and easy to learn if you already know Javascript. Dart is used extensively for the Flutter mobile UI framework.

So, Choice is yours and also depend upon which technology currently you are on.
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