Why Python is Demanding Programming Language

Why Python is Demanding Programming Language ?

Big data. Cloud data. AI training data and personally identifying data. Data is all around you and is growing every day. It only makes sense that software engineering has evolved to include data engineering, a subdiscipline that focuses directly on the transportation, transformation, and storage of data that makes Python as Demanding Programming Language.

Python enables you to achieve more in less time. Python has a huge community that provides and fulfills the requirements of the developers. This makes Python one of the most demanded languages. It is a highly reliable and efficient language. Python developers are also in demand because Python is now a solution in different fields.

Top Notable points that makes Python as Demanding Programming Language

  1. Python has become the most taught programming launguage in universities. A lot of courses in statistics, machine learning, quantitative programming and scientific computing are now taught in Python
  2. Python has Simple Syntax
  3. Bunch of Libraries and Frameworks in the community.
  4. Python has been declared the most popular language as far as machine learning is concerned
  5. It’s perfect for both quick prototyping as well as more complex jobs
  6. Everything in Python is an object so it’s particularly well suited for OOP
  7. It’s a perfect glue language because you can mix it with C/C++, Fortran or Java thanks to Cython, f2py and Jython
  8. All the scientific packages (numpy, pandas, scipy, statsmodels, scikit-learn, etc) are very well optimized and it’s easy to get community support/help if needed
  9. Thanks to projects like Cython, Jython, Theano, f2py, Numba etc you can make your code run as fast as low level programming languages. This allows you to do everything in one working environment and using only one language
  10. Python and all its scientific packages are free
  11. It’s incredibly easy to read, which greatly facilitates you when you need to get your hands on someone else’s work, because you will spend more time reading code than writing it
  12. A lot of big companies like Google, Microsoft provided funds to the Python Software foundation because they use it and they intend to keep using it so they are willing to pay to improve it
  13. It’s really cool
  14. Write import this in your Python IDE
  15. Write import antigravity in your Python IDE

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Some Thoughts On Python

What Can you do with python programming language

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